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Net4city.com, website designing, ecommerce and online marketing services

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Submitting the quote request form is not a contract for work, it is simply a request for an estimated development quote. Please provide as much information as possible.
Background Information
I am ready for work to begin. When I receive a good quotation, I will be ready to get started.
I am not yet ready for work to begin. At the moment I am just browsing for general information and price ranges.
Describe your organisation and its activities
What does your organisation do? What will you be selling? Which industry are you in? How large is your organisation?

Is this a new website, redesign, maintenance, or other project?

New Site Re-Design Maintenance
Other(multimedia presentation, logo design, etc)

If Other please describe:

If a Re-Design, what is the current URL of your site?

What are the main aims of this project?

Informational website (Supplies basic company information, photos and methods of  contact.)
Showcase a catalogue of products/portfolio of work.
Sell products/services by accepting online payments.
Provide information about your business.
Enable customers to contact you.
Enable people to meet other people and chat.
Allow visitors to download files such as music.
Allow customers to make online bookings and reservations.
Give a guided tour and develop multimedia presentation.

Contact Details

Please describe what you visualize for your website. Also, if you have any specific requirements, please list them here.

Are there any existing websites that closely match the functionality and/or design style you wish to have for your new website?

Tick each of the following features that you require:

Contact form
Changing/Updateable products and services.
A login area where visitors enter a username and password to be granted access to various
      sections of your site.
A new logo design
Flash animation/moving graphics
Multimedia such as streaming video and audio

Your budget and timescale

What is your budget?

ow much time do you expect your project to take:

Several days
Less than 2 weeks
2-3 weeks
4 weeks
More than a month
Not sure

Once you have accepted the quotation, when would you like the work to start?

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